Our Values

As I prepare to launch Progressive Lawyer next month, I felt it important to put down in writing the values that I want the site (and eventually the B Corp that will follow) to incorporate as part of its DNA. I want Progressive Lawyer to be more than just a place to get career information or legal updates, I want Progressive Lawyer to be an agent of change. So here they are. Post any questions and comments below.

Thank you.


Our Values

  1. To provide our community of lawyers and law students with the most accurate and comprehensive information and resources available to enable them to use their legal skills in a way that is progressive, altruistic and in the public interest while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.
  2. To inspire legal professionals to follow their progressive values and make a difference with their legal skills regardless of the kind of law they currently practice.
  3. To make a positive social impact locally, nationally and internationally. We believe that business should be socially responsible and give back to the community and as such we operate ours with a triple bottom line of profit, people and planet.
  4. To always be transparent to our community in how we operate and what we do.
  5. When it comes to technology we believe in:
    1. Open Source – Progressive Lawyer is built on open source software such as Linux and WordPress and we encourage its use wherever possible.
    2. Open Standards – We avoid proprietary standards wherever possible and have embraced web standards such as HTML 5 and CSS.
    3. An Open Internet – We believe that a free and open internet is the basis for innovation and free speech. As such we support any and all efforts to protect and enhance this vision.
  6. To maintain our autonomy. We are independent of any group or association, religious creed or political ideology.


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