Why Progressive Lawyer?

ICON-ONLY_high_RGBProgressive Lawyer is a simple idea born out of a realization that for those law students and legal professionals interested in pursuing progressive, public interest law there is no easy way to get career information, news and commentary related to areas like human rights, the environment, access to justice, freedom of expression and sexuality, digital rights, international law and development. There are myriad sources of information but they are spread out all across the internet making it a real chore to keep up with it all.

Progressive Lawyer wants to change this.

Progressive Lawyer is being developed as a digital hub connecting lawyers and law students with socially progressive organizations and law firms active in social justice and public interest advocacy.

We want to inspire lawyers and law students to use their legal skills in pursuit of progressive causes by publishing interviews with progressive legal professionals, spotlights on organizations and firms on the cutting edge of human rights, social justice, environmental and other progressive causes and publish impactful multimedia features and issue oriented specials.

We want to inform by connecting progressive organizations and firms with our community by way of a career and resume service and our hand selected Progressive Lawyer database as well as a continuously updated events guide.

Finally we want to encourage our community to exchange information and opinions through social media and eventually, on our own social media platform.

Phase 1 will launch in October 2014 with spotlights on a number of cutting edge organizations involved in progressive legal issues and developments. Please check back here regularly as we update the community on our progress to launch and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

Thanks and welcome aboard!

Mark Boudreau LL.B

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