Animal Rights, Human Rights, & the Future of the Planet by the Animal Legal Defense Fund & the Center for Biological Diversity

Lewis & Clark Law School

10015 Southwest Terwilliger Boulevard, Room TBA
United States

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and the Center for Biological Diversity are teaming up for a speaking tour: Breaking the Taboo: Leading Animal and Environmental Groups to Discuss Population, Human, and Animal Rights.

ALDF & the Center are teaming up to bring the conversation about population, overconsumption, environmental protection, and animal rights to top-ranked law schools across the country.

Carter Dillard, director of litigation at ALDF, and Stephanie Feldstein, population and sustainability director at the Center, will discuss the intersection of the most pressing issues in the animal and environmental protection movements and how crises can – and must – be solved through innovative policies that advance human rights, animal rights, and wildlife conservation at the same time.

Carter and Stephanie will discuss the vital connections between animal agriculture, human population growth, environmental protection, and systems of rights – both human and animal. They will explain how to use this synergy – along with advocacy, creativity, and legal action – to get beyond the stigma and taboo that usually keep population growth and our diets out of conversations. They will also suggest legal reforms and practical ways for each of us to create a better future for all species.

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2015 Women in Prison Conference

This annual conference is an all-day conference, which presents issues related to women in prison in Oregon. Despite the enormous growth rate of women in prison, women are often forgotten in discussions about the impact of and reforms needed in the criminal justice system. This conference serves as a venue to highlight women in the criminal justice system, their needs, and the consequences of their over incarceration. This year our conference will focus on the importance of maintaining family connections and the need for alternative sentencing programs for women. The conference will highlight Washington State’s parenting sentencing alternative programs: Community Parenting Alternative and Family and Offender Sentencing Alternative.